A Sunday morning with the Bergeron family

Two weeks ago ago I had the pleasure of spending an hour or two hanging out with Jud, Samantha and their two adorable kiddos Storey and Fletcher in their beautiful home in Glen Park, San Francisco. 

Samantha owns her company, Uncover, She does strategy and market research for a wide variety of companies including, Gap, Facebook, Yahoo, Nike and Banana Republic. www.uncoverresearch.com

Jud Bergeron is a sculptor, and he's currently getting ready for a museum show in the fall and a solo show in NY for 2016. A sneak peak at what Jud has been working can also be seen below! www.judbergeron.com 

'Take My Picture!' Death Metal Style!

A couple of days later I stopped by Jud's personal studio in the dogpatch neighborhood where he was bouncing around to a few separate projects...

I'd like to thank the Bergeron family for allowing me into their home to get a glimpse of their daily lives, you easily fit into what I envision as a perfect family.